Josh received one of 12 Robert W. Woodruff Scholarships, the signature program at Emory University, which covers full tuition, room and board, and additional expenses.

A four-year, merit-based collegiate scholarship, awarded each year to 15 students who demonstrate active participation in community and civic-minded arenas.

"Upworthy is on a mission to tell stories that bring people together — because we’re all part of the same story." Josh sat down for an interview about his journey creating GOALS.

CourseHero recognized GOALS as one of the most impactful student-run nonprofits on 2018 National Nonprofit Day.

An award that celebrates fifteen inspiring and public-spirited young people who have made a significant positive impact on people, their communities, and the environment.

Josh starred in a promotional video for the Kindness Rising campaign, a joint program with Youth Service America and Hasbro, designed to engage youth in community service.

In the News

The Points of Light Award, in partnership with generationOn, honors individuals and groups creating meaningful change in communities across America.

The inaugural T-Mobile and Ashoka Changemaker Challenge awarded GOALS and 30 other youth-led organizations crucial resources to tackle social and environmental issues.

Our Supporters

Hasbro Community Action Hero Awards recognize outstanding youth volunteers who made their mark on their global community, serving as proof that anyone can make a difference.

The Outstanding Young Man and Young Woman program honors the achievements of young people and raises community awareness of the positive contributions of youth.

The National Child Awareness Month Youth Ambassadorship brings together 51 young community leaders, who raise their collective voice in service to other youth.