GOALS isn't your standard after-school activity. Not only will you experience the joy of the beautiful game, but you'll make new friends in the process! We work tirelessly to bring you an authentic soccer experience — not necessarily one that follows all the rules in the book, but one that is designed to be accessible to all. No previous soccer experience required!

At our core, we believe soccer is a sport that is conducive to being inclusive. We pride ourselves on being able to accommodate any type of athlete, regardless of intellectual ability. While we work primarily with athletes aged eight to sixteen, we have also designed individualized experiences for athletes both older and younger in the past. Because we intentionally partner athletes and buddies based on age and interest, we are able to create meaningful connections between participants.  

Volunteers do not need to have any previous experience playing soccer, or working with athletes who have intellectual disabilities. We work alongside you during the entire event, training you how to play unified soccer, while granting you the freedom to have fun.

Here's what you need to know.

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